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Our house clearance services can make a tough job easy—we will take all your waste and dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

But if you want to cut down on waste generally, follow our tips for what you can do to stop excess and clutter building up in the first place.

  • House clearance at home

    • Buy and use reusable mops, cloths and sponges for all your cleaning. Use only the amount of cleaning product you need and buy an all-round cleaner instead of different ones for each job. You can also make your own cleaning products—lemon juice, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda can carry out a range of tasks.
    • If you want to get rid of unwanted toys, clothes, appliances and books, why not hold a garage sale or try out a car boot sale?
    • You can donate old phones and tablets to schools or local community projects. The instructions here tell you how to wipe it clear of all your data.
    • Another idea for sluggish PCs and laptops is to regularly clear out junk files as per the instructions here, or consider enhancing its capacity by upgrading the hard drive or memory as this can extend the computer’s life and save you money too.
  • Out and about

    • Buy yourself re-usable water bottles and coffee cups, and take packed lunches to work—all three measures will save you considerable money too.
    • When visiting parks and beaches, take back everything you bring in so you leave sites in the same condition you entered them.
    • When visiting places, use public transport or car pooling where possible to minimise travel pollution.
  • At the shops

    • Carry cloth bags or bags for life so you don’t need to buy any for purchases when out and about.
    • Buy products with minimal packaging, or at least packaging that has been marked as recyclable.
    • Buy seasonal produce, as this is more likely to have travelled less distance to end up in the supermarket.
    • Write lists for your weekly food shopping, as this means you will buy what you need. Shopping online takes cars off the road too, as the vans deliver to multiple addresses. It also makes it easier for you to stick to a list, and not be tempted by all those buy one/get one free ‘bargains’.
  • Holidays and parties

    • Wrap gifts in recycled or reused paper, or give gifts that don’t need packaging, such as experiences.
    • Send recycled cards, or electronic ones to save paper waste.
    • Create home-made gifts. Everyone appreciates the efforts of home baking or preserves, clothes you have made or knitted yourself and craft work. And there will be no excess packaging.
    • For parties, make plans from the outset for recycling waste. Send your guests away with the left-over food too so that you don’t have to throw it out. Boxes of chocolates, biscuits etc can be donated to a food bank or hospice.
    • After everyone’s eaten, fill the dishwasher completely before running it as this is more efficient.

For fast, effective and efficient house clearance, contact Just Clear on 0345 319 8000 to find out more. Wherever you are in the UK, keep Just Clear in mind for all your rubbish clearance needs. Whether you’re looking for rubbish removal in Milton Keynes, or rubbish clearance in Kingston, Scotland or Northern Ireland, get in touch.