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Recently members of our team at Just Clear performed a house clearance in a three-storey building within Richmond, London. With Just Clear, we aim to make clearing out a home a much more sustainable practice.

Our team would like to show how the work we do makes a difference to the planet. We will show you the quality service we provide to salvage all the reusable items and reduce landfill waste.

When clearing out we focus prominently on reusability, we typically find lots of furniture and other household decor ranging in different levels of wear and tear. Despite this, a lot of the items need very little work done to give them many more years of life. In this Richmond house clearance we found an organ, chinaware, clothing and some beautiful furniture with many other items. On the day of clearing, we brought in an evaluator to check what items are worth sending to auction and what can be sent to charity. 

You can see a video of the house clearance below:

Reaching the depot 

When we had finished clearing out the house. We make sure to go back over the belongings that are unable to be sold at auction, or given to charity and strip them down to their parts. For example, a wardrobe we found can be stripped down for its wood and the hinges can be used for their brass. We make sure to see if even the smallest items are reusable. 

Those items were then taken back to be evaluated at our depot in Kingston and some were sorted out to be put on display. Items can then can be sent to auction, this helps provide our team with the funds to keep giving our quality service in areas such as waste collection. Often we find items that can be given to one of the many charities we work with: British Red Cross, The Salvation Army, The British Heart Foundation. 

Achieving sustainability 

Our aim is to keep a zero-to-landfill policy and create a more sustainable planet for generations to come. A three-storey house like this one in Richmond has enough items that would typically be haphazardly thrown into multiple skips, never to be used again. With Just Clear everything will be recycled or reused.

We know, there is always a better way to get rid of your household waste. This is why for the 6th year running we at Just Clear have maintained a Trustpilot score of 5/5 in 6 different categories. Our nationwide coverage from Portsmouth to Newcastle, means we are always ready to get the job done fast and efficiently.

If you are looking to have items you have acquired over the years or need any clearing down give us a call at 0345 319 8000 or get a quote here.