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Recently we made a Facebook post announcing how proud we are to have Just Clear® as a registered trademark. We achieved this due to our high quality clearance service. This has led to us being able to establish our brand name with a trademark. 

It also proves that our adoption of the zero-to-landfill policy is here to stay. We’ve been working hard and it’s nice to be validated for all our hard work.

Where does the name Just Clear come from?

Back in 2012 when we were established, we wanted to make a specific link to our work. We did this when by carefully picking out our company name. The word ‘clear’ relates to our role as clearers. When we go house to house to empty a place we leave nothing behind. Our desire has always been to collect anything unwanted which leads to the meaning of ‘just’. To be ‘just’ means to do right by others by being fair. 

Our work often leads us to support charities. We regularly work with is The Salvation Army, Sue Ryder and many others. We frequently find ourselves donating to them to reuse and recycle whislt removing goods from a home. 

‘Clear’ is also focused on the idea of being transparent, we offer a specific service. As a customer, you get what you want. We give our customers looking for help with a local house clearance a thoughtful and professional experience. 

Follow our clearance service story

Our place in this industry has been solidified by providing information to anyone with the desire to learn about clearance. We make sure to help out who we can with our useful industry tips. These personal touches have brought us closer to our clients and helped us support the community however we can. Our blog has aimed to ‘clear’ any confusion you could have when it comes to clearing your home. 

We offer many different kinds of clearance services. Currently, we provide basic clearouts such as house clearance and rubbish removals. But we do much more than just local house clearance. We provide some niche services such as drug paraphernalia clearance and dead animal removal. We have learnt to clear up any mess.

Standing out in the local house clearance industry 

Now that we have a registered trademark, it will aid our future ventures. Then by offering the UK’s best house clearance service we can protect our brand. A registered trademark means protecting our brand’s identity of quality service. So make sure to contact us at 0345 319 8000 to help clear up any rubbish you no longer need. 

Just Clear means:

  • Acting in a justified manner every time.
  • Being ‘clear’ about the desires of our company.
  • Always looking to ‘clear’ responsibly what we can, however, we can.

We would like to thank our clients and partners for helping us make this happen!

Without the aid of our clients, staff and partners we would not have been awarded the registered trademark we worked so hard to earn.