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Having a skip at your house can be useful. If you are moving house or redecorating often it is seen as one of the first decisions you make for waste disposal. 

Skip hire prices and regulations vary on your locality, this is true of Birmingham as well.

Fortunately, hiring a skip isn’t the only option when removing a lot of waste. At Just Clear, we specialise in providing efficient, environmentally friendly waste removal in Birmingham.

So, if you want to know more about skip hire in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield, we break down what you need to think about.

Keeping the skip on your driveway

The most reasonable place to put your skip is on your driveway. It is off the road and close to your home, so easier to transport the waste to the skip.

However, by placing a skip on your driveway all your rubbish will be displayed outside your house. Depending on what you are disposing of, you may have an issue with privacy.

This lack of privacy could land you with neighbours using your skip to dispose of their waste as well. In fact, using a neighbour’s skip without permission is fly-tipping and illegal.

Additionally, if your skip is placed in your driveway it could be taking up valuable space you need when parking a car. In the worst-case scenario, you may even damage your car pulling out or driving in. This is surprisingly a common occurrence too for those who hire out skips.

Skip hire in Birmingham without a driveway

Birmingham waste collection should still be an option no matter where you live in Birmingham. If you live down Tiverton Road or Gleave Road near Selly Oak train station you know how hard it is to park let alone have space for a skip. 

Often you will notice valuable parking spaces are taken up by skips too. So why would you want to add to this problem? 

If damaging a car with your skip on your driveway is a problem, what would happen in a neighbour drove into your skip? The skip is stationary, but they might not recognise their own lack of driving skills. This could lead to tensions with the neighbours and liability issues for the hiree.

Skip hire permit and other hidden fees

Hiring a skip is already more expensive than some of the services we can offer you. However, this doesn’t take into consideration other fees that can arise through these occurrences. 

  • Skip permit

If you don’t have a driveway or somewhere to load your skip within your private property you’ll need a skip permit. Permits cost £22 a week in Birmingham and last for only a week. After this, you will need to get a new one. It is even advised to book the second week 5 days before you plan for it to start. Getting the original permit could take up to 14 days for approval alone.

  • Being late on collection 

Each skip can only stay on the road from between 1-14 days. After this, you can expect a fine of £95 for going past this period of grace.

  • Overfilling a skip

Skips are often overfilled, resulting in additional fees being added to the final transaction. This is done to allow for safe transportation. However, customers can often feel betrayed after receiving an entirely different original quote. Don’t expect a skip hire in Birmingham to be any different. This is why Just Clear Birmingham offers our service starting with a free quote

How Just Clear makes Birmingham waste collection cheaper

Skip hire in Birmingham starts with the cheapest competitor at £70. However with how much a skip hire permit costs, if you don’t have a driveway you can already add £22 to that. 

We come to your house and remove the rubbish. On top of that our professional house clearance starts at £70. Our fast Birmingham rubbish removal also starts at £70 making us equal to any skip hire in the area.

Just Clear also take some of the most common items that you might be surprised cannot be thrown into a skip in the UK. Here’s a list of items that might surprise you:

  • Laptops 
  • Mattresses 
  • Phones 
  • Televisions 
  • Vacuums 

If you live in Birmingham and want your waste collection done fast and sustainably. Contact Just Clear today on 0345 319 8000 for more information.