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At Just Clear, we carry out many different types of removals in Portsmouth, one of which is our hoarding house clearance. We like to talk about this service as it shows how professional our team is at dealing with a range of clients.

The hoarding cleaning services we provide at Just Clear

We know that this type of service takes a lot of effort to even reach. Our Portsmouth removals team understands this and when given the opportunity to help a client with hoarding clearing services we are always compassionate

Our hoarding clearance services will:

  • Remove all rubbish 
  • Be fast and reliable 
  • Clean and wipe down dirty surfaces
  • Recycle everything possible
  • Treat you with respect 
  • Return the house to a safe living condition 

We provide a quality service for any kind of house clearance in Portsmouth. Our most basic yet professional house clearance service even starts at just £70. We are even the UK’s most trusted house clearance provider. Our trust pilot reviews show that we know how to handle all situations with care. So when it comes to helping with compulsive hoarding make sure to pick a company that cares and has the experience. 

Success story from Fareham, Portsmouth  

clean hoarders house portsmouthIn February we were called out to a house in Fareham, the client was looking to have their house that suffered through their compulsive hoarding cleared. So we sent out our Portsmouth Just Clear team to help.

We entered the house to find it in disarray, the conjoined kitchen and living room had been heavily neglected. In a short space of time, we made the room look recognisable. We took our time to clear out everything. We cleared out everything from old cans of cat food to takeaway boxes and even broken kitchen appliances. 

We then proceeded to clear the area around the stairs allowing them easier access to move freely around their home.

After this, we cleared out the bedrooms. These rooms had a level of rubbish that made standing on the floor impossible. Bags full of waste were removed from both rooms giving them their floor space back. We even collected a door broken off its hinges.

We then moved to their bathroom which was flooded with empty plastic bottles and bath soap containers. However, we are always delighted to have opportunities to clear rooms like this. 

When we clear out houses whether it is a basement clearance, excess rubbish collection or even a fridge removal, we always make sure to recycle everything we possibly can. Seeing rooms like this excites us because transforming a room into somewhere livable gives us joy. It allows us to follow our zero-to-landfill policy at a rapid pace.

That being said this is just one of the many success stories we have had with rubbish removals in Portsmouth. If you need help then call us on 01329 484412, or book an appointment and visit us at 19 Funtley Hill, Fareham.