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Guest Blog post:

This week is Spring Clearing Week! Hannah Young, Revive Your Space and APDO Head of Partnerships, explains how Just Clear and APDO work together to help you declutter this Spring.
Here at APDO Association of Professional Organisers and Declutterers we always love to hear about organisations that help us with clearing our cluttered homes. We also love to minimise the amount of our clutter going to landfill.

When we heard about Just Clear a couple of years ago, we got in touch with their founder Brendan O’Shea. Since then, both APDO and Just Clear have continued to grow, and at the start of 2019 APDO members were invited for a tour around their new premises in Norbiton, South London.

Just clear are rated as the most trusted House Clearance company on Trustpilot, have a string of awards to their name and have recently been commended by Sir David Attenborough for their efforts in reducing waste.

I was joined by Professional Organisers Jo Jacob, Lizzie Grant, Nicky Stobbs and Sophie Ejsmond. We were taken for whistle-stop tour by the wonderful Paul and Jamie.

Just Clear claim to be on a mission to keep as much waste as possible from landfill. They have set themselves a high bar and we wanted to know if this ‘zero to waste’ mission was too good to be true! We began in their warm office, meeting the friendly team who receive phone calls and run all the behind-the-scenes operations.

Moving on to the chilly warehouse, we were welcomed and showed where they sort items for charities to collect and explained how they are building new contacts all the time for where to send our unwanted household items. Much of the waste is donated or recycled immediately and increasingly items are sold. Although a very small amount does end up in landfill, it’s encouraging to see a considerate waste clearance company doing their best for our local communities and the planet.
If you’re looking for a responsible and careful clearance company, Just Clear are a great company to work with.


If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of downsizing, or perhaps clearing the home of a recently deceased relative, you’re not alone. You might be interested to learn of the decluttering and organising services APDO members can provide.

A professional organiser can come in before Just Clear do the heavy lifting and can help you to sort through your personal possessions. They will work alongside you, at your pace, helping you make decisions about what to keep and what to let go. They understand this process is often difficult and can talk with you as you clear, as well as providing hands-on help.

You know you are in safe hands when you invite an APDO member into your home as they abide by the APDO code of ethics, will hold valid insurance and are also registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

For more information and to find an organiser near you, visit the APDO website.

Just Clear are a leading clearance and rubbish removal company operating across London, The South East, elsewhere throughout UK towns and cities including Oxford house clearance, house clearance in Belfast, Scotland and Wales.