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With Global Recycling Day having passed on the 18th of March our recycling goals have not changed. Additionally, since we are in spring, we know you will be looking for useful spring cleaning tips.

So at Just Clear, we have decided to show you how and why a big spring clean is a smart choice.

You will find this year’s spring cleaning easier after following some of our house clearance expert advice. With our advice, we hope we can help you do your spring clean as eco friendly as possible. You can also discover why we support the #BigBagChallenge! 

Great British Spring Clean and the big bag challenge 

In 2020/2021 there were a reported 1.13 million cases of fly-tipping in the UK. This is why we are raising awareness of the #BigBagChallenge. From the 25th of March to the 10th of April our fellow Britons can take part in picking up any rubbish they can. The aim is simple. Help the public do their best to pick up as much litter to make Britain a cleaner place. 

Even just one bag of rubbish you collect makes a huge difference. The Great British Spring Clean means some of those million-plus cases of fly-tipping are cleaned up. Make sure you pledge to the #BigBagChallenege to help out our environment and our country today. 

Spring cleaning tips

If your spring cleaning is taking place at home you might feel lost with where to start the job. The best way we can help is by giving you some expert tips that Just Clear use when we start a new house clearance.

Just Clear’s 8 top tips for the best spring clean

  • Make a schedule and plan it out 
    • By following a plan you can make realistic timeframes on when you expect to have each task done. We recommend planning it in order of what room you want to be cleared first.
  • Start upstairs 
    • If you live somewhere with multiple storeys make sure you start on the top floor. This is so you don’t drag any bags of rubbish down through rooms you have just cleared.
  • Use protective equipment
    • Wear protective masks, goggles and gloves. If you are cleaning using chemicals, you might be working with something that can irritate your skin, eyes, nose or lungs.  
  • Vacuum and wipe down each room
    • After you have cleared a room there will still be dust hanging around. Probably more than you expected after moving everything around. It may also reduce your chances of having an allergic reaction or headache from the particles in the air.
  • Dispose of everything correctly
    • When you pick up an unwanted item think to yourself, would someone use this or can this be recycled? Disposing each item of your spring clean correctly will make you feel much better than just dumping everything together. 
  • Don’t be afraid to get help
    • You don’t have to do this job alone, so why should you. Ask family or friends if they will be around to help. With each person who helps you, your spring clean will only be finished faster. 
  • Reorganise everything
    • Once everything has been cleared out you should notice how much more space you have. Use this as a good time to reorganise what you can, from paperwork to your bathroom cabinet. 
  • Don’t stop at your house
    • If you have a garden, shed, or a car you tackle those too. Once you are in rhythm continue on with anything else you can. The hard part will always be the initial start.

Just Clear spring cleaning services

If your spring clean feels impossible to do correctly, don’t worry. At Just Clear, we provide professional house clearances, rapid garden clearances and many other services that can help your spring clean.

Spring cleaning services that back a good cause

When you choose us there are a few things we can assure you with our clearances. We will always collect everything you want. Because of our sustainable zero-to-landfill policy, everything we collect will either be recycled or go to charity. Additionally, you will be helped by the friendliest staff in the industry. 

At Just clear we donate on average 1 out of 3 loads per day to charity 

We take pride in knowing our services not only help out our clients when they need it. If you ask yourself, that sounds expensive, how much does a house clearance cost? Don’t worry, prices at Just Clear start at £35! And our services continue to help those well past the clearance! 

We provide our services no matter the season we are in. This has led us to become veterans in the house clearance industry. We are the UK’s most trusted house clearance company for this very reason. So make sure you give us a call on 020 3130 008 to speak to an expert today.