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You may be aware that green bins and garden waste collections have been cancelled across some local areas; to help prioritise medical waste and food collections.

Unfortunately, there is very little you can do by yourself. Apart from following government advice and waiting for the tips and recycling centres to be re-opened. Times will change and it’s best to follow government advice.

What you can do is remain vigilant of your local council’s bin collection webpage. Look out for the latest updates regarding rubbish collection services and make the most out of your bin space by dividing your rubbish between recycling, food and general waste.

Also, especially because of COVID-19, wash your hands before putting your bin out for collection, as we discussed in an earlier post, prevention is better than a cure with it comes to COVID-19.

The government has released some advice for people self-isolating and the following points are essential:

  • Do not store rubbish bags in communal areas or on the street.
  • Make sure you double bag your bins.
  • It is more important than ever to ensure that recycling is clean and dry and that rubbish bags are all securely tied to help prevent spills and protect collection teams and the public.

If things do get desperate, or you do find yourself with less bin space than rubbish, or need your garden cleared, we can help.

Make sure you visit our rubbish removal service, or garden clearance service and use our booking form. Or, if you need help with coronavirus decontamination head over and see how we can help.

The form allows you to select your preferred pickup time and date – allowing us to work around your schedule.

If you’re worried about your rubbish becoming a problem, let us know. We operate nationally, offering everything from house clearance in Fareham to office clearance in Newcastle, London and more to remote locations across the UK, get in touch.

Stay safe and let our professionals help you!