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Founded in 1898 The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) has been a leading organisation within the field of sustainability, resources and waste management. With over a century of experience in this sector, they provide expert services and resources to companies willing to dedicate themselves to ethical resources and waste management.

To become a member you must show that your company has shown a commitment to resource management that goes beyond what is necessary. Therefore, we are delighted to be affiliate members as it shows our hard work is recognised. Additionally, it gives the Just Clear team a greater opportunity for growth. 

Why the CIWM is important

The CIWM provides information and expert technical advice to organisations affiliated with them. A membership means improving any company within the waste management sector by securing them more resources, connections and opportunities.

With 5,000 individuals and 250 affiliated organisations in the UK and overseas we have joined a bigger family that supports our cause. With so many members scattered around it means networking and finding out new solutions to waste management and resource issues is easier than ever. One factor we love is it allows our staff to seek new training in our field. This means our staff can continue to develop because of the range of training courses available to them.  

CIWM Code of Conduct

To retain a membership you need to continue to show excellence in the waste management sector. This is done by following the seven points in the CIWM code of conduct. To summarise the points are as follows:

  1. Maintain high standards and the respected reputation of the CIWM
  2. Follow relevant legislation and regulation 
  3. Comply with the law and act professionally 
  4. Look to improve staff through training 
  5. Provide our service at the highest standard for all clients
  6. Always address customer concerns with integrity 
  7. Follow and share the CIWM’s Royal Charter

How Just Clear impressed CIWM

We believe CIWM recognised us for our dedication to not just our clients by to our planet. With our team at Just Clear receiving excellent ratings on Trustpilot for 98% of our reviews, we know we work hard to be professional. From fast house clearances to even dead animal removal, we care for each one of our clients. Then by following our zero-to-landfill policy we provide our services in the most sustainable way possible. 

If you want to know more about our practices or ask us about our CIWM affiliation, call us on 0345 319 8000.