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Has spring inspired you to clear out your house? Or perhaps you’ve inherited a property and want to get ready for sale? Our Man and Van service could be just what you need. From old furniture, to bric-à-brac, white goods and more, we’ll dispose of it quickly and efficiently, sticking to our zero-to-landfill policy.

The service bypasses the skip route as skips need permit applications—which means delays in getting your property cleared out and emptied. Waste disposal isn’t easy. Modern houses, offices and any other property will have a huge amount of ‘stuff’ that needs disposing.

Difficult Disposal

If you’re in one of the big cities, like London, there are rules and regulations to follow. It can be difficult to keep track of how you dispose different kinds of waste, especially if you’re in the commercial sector.

Luckily, our Man and Van team knows exactly what to do… Because we’re not providing skips, you don’t have to guess the skip size (companies charge differently, depending on the size). We charge by volume, so you pay for the exact amount you chuck out.

Just Clear’s Man and Van service saves you money, time and effort. You leave all the work to the professionals and we get stuck in.

Safety First

It also keeps you safe. Let’s face it—waste disposal is not many people’s idea of a pleasant job. If it isn’t something you do regularly, getting rid of old furniture and glass can be risky. Hire professionals and you remove any chance of accidents and injury. We’re licensed professionals who know how to dispose of materials in the safest and most hygienic way.

Our service protects the environment. Old houses, offices and warehouses etc often contain waste and materials that are hazardous. We dispose of them safely. And we recycle as much as we can, so any job you contract us to do has a minimal environmental impact.

Another benefit the Man and Van service offers is that you don’t have a skip sitting outside your property for days. The skip is one modern urban feature that will never win prizes for is appearance. And because we’re going in and out and not loading things into a skip, there are no access restrictions—handy if you’re clearing out a house in a busy residential area.

Garden Cleaning

Finally, another use for our Man and Van service is garden clearance. With the prospect of long, light evenings and warmer weather, sitting outside gains appeal. Our service can remove old and rusty tools, broken furniture or fencing and lawn mowers or strimmers that don’t work.

If you’ve got lots of debris lying around our skip alternatives Man and Van can get rid of fallen tree branches and old shrubs and bushes, and pruning. A good tidy up will make the garden look so much better, ready for new flowers and growth and lots of lovely evenings for you to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and perhaps a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer!

To find out more about hiring our ‘Man and Van’ clearance teams, or to get a free quote, please call us on 0345 319 8000.