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The UK threw away 7 million mattresses in 2017 and things have not improved since then with a year on year increase. The vast majority of the 7 million mattresses ended up in landfill with many also being fly-tipped. Councils across the UK spend almost £60m a year on clearing up fly-tipped items.

The mattress industry has not helped with offers enticing us to replace more frequently than we might otherwise. Now with roll down technology mattresses have come down in price due to the savings on shipping costs for the supplier and has allowed many startup companies to enter the mattress market.

UK residents used to replace their mattresses every 10 years on average, but we have learned to expect better mattresses and to replace them more frequently. This issue is not unique to the UK of course, Mattresses are a global problem, an environmental disaster. There are approximately 57,535,000 mattresses in UK homes and the majority are heading to landfill unless more is done to recycle.

Mattresses are not an easy item to recycle but here at Just Clear we do everything we can to avoid any part of your mattress going to landfill

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