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Yes, we already know how fantastic our clients are as they’ve bought into our low carbon, ‘zero-to-landfill’ mission. Helping protect the thing that is most valuable to our lives; the planet.

Our clients are already changing lives by investing in our recycling initiatives but, imagine what we thought when we saw one of our clients, Finders International, in the “This is Money” financial website helping locate the sole heir to a £300,000 estate; when someone hadn’t completed their will.

Finders International, is a professional firm of ‘Heir Hunters’ [or probate research genealogists as it’s known in the sector].

Using family history websites and publicly available birth, marriage and death certificates, and other means, Finders International were able to find the rightful heir to the estate; Margaret Abbotts.

Brendan O’Shea, Just Clear’s founder and Managing Director, said:

“I’m really pleased to see Danny Curran [Managing Director of Finders International] and his team getting national recognition for the fantastic work they do.

“Helping change people’s lives for the better. Something we definitely can get behind!”

You can read the article within the Daily Mail here:

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