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‘Recycling is a term that a lot of people in this industry use, even if [your waste] goes to landfill’, Brendan O’Shea, founder of Just Clear. 

Environmental ethics are now of the utmost importance to many people hiring waste removal services. Customers want to know that their used goods are being recycled, reused or sent to good homes via trustworthy charities. 

In an informative article written by Hugh Graham for the Sunday Times, Just Clear was praised as a ‘pioneering’ enterprise that prioritises both their customers and the environment. Littered amongst horrifying fly-tipping statistics and industry-wide waste removal scandals, Just Clear’s environmentally sustainable practices emerged triumphant in the Times’ article. 

Unfortunately, finding a waste removal service committed to environmental sustainability is no mean feat. Just Clear’s founder, Brendan O’Shea stated in the article that, ‘There is a very low bar to enter this industry. The market is saturated with one-man-bands who tip off waste’. 

Yet the ‘one-man-bands’ are not solely to blame. The last decade has seen public trust in large corporations diminish dramatically. The waste removal industry has been no different. 

Just last month, one of the UK’s leading waste companies, Biffa Waste Services, was found guilty of illegally exporting 1000 tonnes of household waste to Asia under false pretenses. Although the company remained unnamed, O’Shea also criticised ‘one of [their] biggest competitors’, stating that ‘they have no yards for sorting. They mix anything and everything: food, clothing, furniture and just tip it’. 

This comes as disheartening news for eco-warriors, Just Clear. Establishing themselves as the go-to eco-friendly clearance company, Just Clear are committed to their ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy and have devised a range of methods that enable them to recycle the goods they collect from their customers. 

Their large London-based sorting yard separates goods into different categories before every category is either recycled, sold or reused. The Times article uses mattresses as an example. Every week, Just Clear collects between 700 and 800 mattresses from a variety of sources. Every mattress with a fire label is then sent to charities for resale and those that are unusable are recycled. Whilst tipping the mattresses into a landfill may be easier (and cheaper), the company carefully separates the metals from the foam. The metal is subsequently recycled whilst the foam is compressed into bales and transported to Scandinavia where it can be reproduced into new produce. 

The article finishes with some handy tips that aim to prevent the hiring of waste removal services that fly-tip. Amongst many suggestions, O’Shea recommends that potential customers check that company’s own a sorting yard. 

Rated 5/5 on all 6 TrustPilot categories, Just Clear provides fast, reliable and eco-friendly waste disposal solutions nationwide. As the UK’s most trusted waste disposal service, they ensure efficiency, quality and outstanding customer satisfaction for every job. 

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