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Are you about to relocate or upgrade your current office space? Or perhaps you are one of the increasing numbers of businesses closing the doors on your bricks and mortar headquarters in preference of a virtual workspace?

Whatever your situation, office furniture clearance in London and throughout the UK requires careful planning and project management. In this guide, we provide some useful tips and advice on how best to organise the clearance ensuring that it is as simple, safe, and stress-free as possible.

Planning an office furniture clearance

At Just Clear, we pride ourselves on our efficient and environmentally friendly office clearance service. You can be safe in the knowledge that we cover every angle of the process, and will clear just about anything – from furniture and filing cabinets to old laptops, desktops, printers, and other electronic waste, as well as old stationery, and confidential and hazardous waste.

Our years of experience also mean that we have worked with a whole host of venues and business premises, from small offices to large headquarters, and everything in between – including manufacturing plants.

Here are 5 tips on how you should prepare, plan, and execute your office furniture clearance:

  1. What items to keep? – create an inventory

In the first instance, you need to take time to compile a list of the items to be cleared. This is essential before you engage an office clearance specialist so they can estimate the duration of the project and ensure the accuracy of the quote they give you.

While it is ideal if you only leave the items to be cleared within the premises if this isn’t possible you must clearly label and communicate with your clearance company about the items to be cleared and kept to avoid any confusion

  1. When does the clearance need to be completed? – map out a timeline

Working out the timings of the office clearance process is vital and the earlier you start the planning process the better. Consider when the lease on your old office ends and when the new office lease begins (if you are on the move), and agree on a clearance date. Once this date is set you can work backward to establish a schedule.

Remember to build in time for the clearance company to prepare their quotes and adequate resources for your project – carving out at least a week for this will help to ensure that the team has plenty of notice to organise reuse of your items and reduce the stresses and strains a tight timescale can bring for everyone involved.

For the clearance itself, it depends on the size of the premises and the amount of content to be cleared. As a rough guide, you should allow one day for three Luton van loads. It is also smart to allow some time at the end as a contingency in the event that the process overruns.

  1. Who can carry out the clearance? – research your clearance company

Once you have identified the items to be cleared and mapped out your timeframe, you need to choose a reputable office clearance specialist to carry out the work. While the price is a key consideration there are other important aspects to consider when making your selection.

Always check the company’s waste carrier licence – this ensures you steer clear of illegal operators who can cost you a fine if they go on to fly-tip your waste (see more about our fly tipping removal). Also, make sure you ask for a reference or check them out on TrustPilot to ensure you are choosing a credible team with the right experience for your type of job.

By hiring an insured, licenced, and reliable company like us at Just Clear, you will have the peace of mind that your office clearance will be hassle-free.

  1. Where does my old furniture go? – be eco-friendly

When planning for your office clearance consider how you can benefit the environment. Perhaps your equipment can be donated to a local school or charity, or upcycled to create bespoke pieces for your staff canteen or outside area.

We at Just Clear proudly recycle and reuse as much of the office waste we collect as we can, trying our best to make sure that none of it goes to landfills. Since items are recycled where possible to minimise waste, you know that by choosing us you are doing your bit for the environment.

  1. How can I protect health and safety? – carry out a risk assessment

As an employer, health and safety is of paramount importance – you are responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of your employees. This of course continues to apply when you hire contractors.

In order to comply with the health and safety regulations that are in place, you should carry out a risk assessment when planning an office move. If required, your office clearance company can liaise with your company representatives to offer health and safety advice.

Employers should consider the following health and safety concerns when planning an office move:

  • Planning: Plan well in advance to avoid mistakes – mistakes can lead to accidents.
  • Removal company: The removal company should ideally carry out a risk assessment of their own at the office (and new office if moving) to identify access issues or equipment problems.
  • Staff involvement: A professional moving company will carry out the main move but there may be times when your employees might need to get involved. If so, you should provide clear safety guidance i.e. no heavy lifting.
  • New offices: If you’re moving into a new office ensure that this meets your health and safety regulations e.g. temperature control, appropriate ventilation, and window cleaning safety.
  • Electrical: Your office removal company should ideally be in charge of moving any delicate or potentially dangerous equipment. You can help by making sure that computers, printers, phones, microwaves, kettles, etc. have been properly disconnected.
  • Moving day: When the moving day finally arrives, you should ensure that the moving team can do their job without obstruction. Ideally, try to arrange for a day when staff are out of the office.

Let us help further

When the last piece of old furniture leaves the office floor our support doesn’t have to end there. We offer the disposal of confidential waste as well as specialist electronic waste (WEEE) disposal and recycling services, to ensure your workplace is safely and securely cleared of every last waste item.

We also provide a specialist COVID-19 Cleaning and decontamination service, underpinned by our world-class disinfectant which has been proven to eliminate all key strains of Coronavirus within minutes of contact. This service has become especially important to companies when moving between premises.

Contact us today to learn more

Whether you’re a start–up or corporate giant, our friendly and efficient team can take on jobs of any size. We work well with landlords, retail and commercial tenants, facility managers, lettings, and estate agents to get the job done.

Please get in touch to find out more about our office clearance services and and retail rubbish removal. It’s easy to arrange – simply call us today on 0345 319 8000 or fill in the contact form, selecting the size of your haul, personal details, and the ideal time and location. Then we’re ready to go!

If you’re looking for reliable office clearance from anywhere in the country, we can help. Just clear provide rubbish removal everywhere in the UK, from office clearance in Leicester to house clearance in Newcastle and London, we can help.