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A checklist for your office clearance

If you are looking to downsize your workplace, move your office space to some place new, or perhaps even relocate your workforce to the virtual realm, it will no doubt take careful planning and project management.

We at Just Clear help businesses of all sizes and from all sectors, from start-ups to large corporates, in clearing their office space as simply and safely as possible. From furniture to filing cabinets, old laptops to printers, to stationery and confidential waste, and anything in between – we at Just Clear will be happy to load up and take away.

Here we have outlined a simple checklist of 10 items to consider for any commercial waste disposal jobs you have, so it can be as simple and stress-free as possible – and you can get back to the day job.

1. Create an inventory

Step one should be compiling a list of the items to be cleared. This is necessary before engaging an office clearance specialist so they can accurately work out the duration of the project and quote accordingly.

2. Label everything

Once you have sorted through your items make it crystal clear what is to be kept, disposed of, or taken elsewhere (e.g. charity shop, local school) to avoid any confusion. If you are enlisting the help of a clearance company this is particularly important if you are not going to be on the premises during the clearance. Clear, brightly coloured stickers leave no room for error.

3. Plan your timeline

The earlier the better when estimating the timings of your office clearance process. Consider when the lease on your old office ends and when the new office lease begins (if you are on the move), and agree on a clearance date. Once you have this date in the diary you can work backward to establish a schedule.

Build-in at least a week for a clearance company to prepare their quotes and adequate resource – it will help to ensure that they can reuse as many of your items as possible. For the actual clearance, you should allow one day for three Luton van loads. Allowing some contingency time is also advised to allow for any unforeseen issues, ensure business continuity, and make the process as stress-free as possible.

4. Conduct a risk assessment

Health and safety are of paramount importance, especially when you are an employer responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of your employees. Carry out a risk assessment when planning an office move and be sure to consider things such as the safe disposal of electrical equipment, and providing clear safety guidance to any staff who may be on your premises during the clearance.

5. Protect your data during disposal

During an office clearance you should carefully consider how you manage confidential waste – this includes company documents that can expose discrete information about suppliers, customers or employees and expose your company to fraud, blackmail, or identity theft.

We at Just Clear offer an eco-friendly shredding and confidential data waste service where we recycle as much as possible. We have the technology and facilities to destroy and recycle items such as hard drives, electronic media, and files.

6. Take care of electrical waste

Office space isn’t complete without a myriad of electrical items, however, televisions and computers are traditionally amongst the most difficult items to recycle, so you will likely need some help.

We work with a company that invested in the world’s first leaded glass furnace to recycle cathode ray tube (CRT) glass screens, meaning that if you enlist our services you can be sure you are making an environmentally responsible choice.

Our electronic waste disposal service (WEEE) removes computers removes computers, PC monitors, laptops, servers, fax-machines, copiers, scanners, printers, fridges, air-conditioning units, freezers, and hazardous waste such as fire extinguishers.

7. To skip or not to skip?

If your office is located in a big city there are rules and regulations to follow about disposing of different kinds of waste which can be difficult to keep track of. If you are thinking of hiring a skip for your office clearance there is the added permit application to deal with, as well as where you can safely keep your skip in such a built-up area.

Our efficient Man and Van service could be just what you need – you don’t have to guess the skip size and we charge by volume, so you pay for the exact amount you chuck out helping you keep to a budget.

8. Consider conducting a valuation

Antiques, art, collectables and high-quality designer furniture are some of the items that have enough resale value to offset against the costs of a clearance. We work with a panel of experts who are professionals at valuing assets and can make sure you get the most out of your office clearance.

9. Ensure the space is clean

Making sure your office space is left clean is important, regardless of whether you are simply de-cluttering or downsizing for yourself, or handing it over to new owners. Dirt and bacteria left behind will undo your good work, and potentially jeopardise the safety of your employees, or the future inhabitants of your space.

We at Just Clear always sweep up after ourselves after each job, however, if you want the space to be more thoroughly cleaned, we provide a variety of options such as our COVID-19 Decontamination Cleaning Service. The importance of decontamination cannot be understated in these times, so one-off or even regular cleansing with an expert coronavirus cleaning company is recommended.

10. Enlist the help of experts, like Just Clear!

We have ample experience clearing out a variety of offices and venues including manufacturing plants, large office headquarters to smaller business offices – take the hassle out of your clearance and let us do the heavy lifting.

We are fully licenced and insured so you can have peace of mind that you are getting a professional service – but you don’t have to take our word for it, we are also pleased to be highly recommended on Trustpilot too! We also proudly recycle and reuse as much of the office waste we collect as we can, so you know that by choosing us you are doing your bit for the environment.

Arranging with us, simply fill in the contact form, selecting the size of your haul, personal details and the ideal time and location and we’re ready to go!

Office clearance and retail waste clearance services are vital when closing down offices, downsizing or having an office refurbishment. Just Clear can help you dispose items of any size or quantity, whether it’s one or two items or a haul of furniture and electronics. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Looking for clearance anywhere in the UK? Just Clear provide office clearance in Leicester, Liverpool, Fareham, London, Belfast, Newcastle the Midlands and further afield. Get in touch today.