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Any small to medium enterprise knows—we live in the information age, but too often that information can end up in the wrong hands. It’s crucial any SME disposes of its paperwork properly for the following reasons:


One in ten people are already the victims of the quickest growing fraud across our world — identity theft. If a business can dispose of information at the source, this significantly lowers the risk of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.


Our document shredding service will help you fulfil your environmental commitments. We destroy confidential waste in an eco-friendly way and none of it goes to landfill.

Customer and employee protection

The correct disposal of customer and employee records maintains your customers and employees’ privacy and security. Breaches of trust here are a commercial no-no.


With GDPR, the legislation around customer privacy is getting more rigorous and it continues to be strictly enforced. Using an official and approved service helps you fulfil legal obligations when it comes to data management.

Space saving

Finally, regular uplift and disposal of documents will save you space in your office or building — all the better for you to carry out your day to day work.

What items are considered ‘confidential waste’? More than you think. Your business needs to dispose and shred all sensitive information, including junk mail, and any paperwork that includes account numbers, birth dates, passwords and pins, signatures and national insurance numbers. You should also shred anything that has names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

It’s wise to consider shredding the following too:

  • Address labels from junk mail and magazines
  • Receipts from ATMs
  • Bank statements
  • Credit and charge card bills and any carbon copies
  • Employee pay stubs and records
  • Expired credit and identification cards, such as a driver’s licence or employee badges
  • Legal and insurance documents
  • Property transactions
  • Luggage tags
  • Signatures
  • Tax forms
  • Utility bills

Just Clear also has the technology and facilities at hand to destroy and recycle your hard drives. It’s surprisingly difficult to remove everything that needs to come off a computer before it can be recycled or disposed of and our services ensure the drives are wiped clean, protecting your confidential information. In addition, we can get rid of electronic media and files as well. And no matter what size your business, we have containers for outputs large and small.