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If you’re in the process of booking house clearance services — perhaps you’re moving or you have a property you want to prepare for sale — we have the following tips to help you make it as easy as possible to prepare for house clearance.

  • When you decide to book a service, research the market carefully. Price is always a key consideration, but ensure the company involved can work quickly, efficiently and without causing disruption in your street.
  • Is the environment important to you? Just Clear’s house clearance service comes with a zero to landfill promise. We make sure everything is disposed of usefully and without waste.
  • Make a list of the information you need for the company. How much stuff needs to be removed? House clearances vary in scale—and the size of the house is not usually an accurate indicator of the amount. Can you tell us how many bags and boxes must be taken away or do you have a list of specific items to be removed?
  • Good communication is a vital part of the process, so everything is not to be removed should be taken away from the vicinity or clearly labelled.
  • Will you be there when the company comes to the house, or can you explain the clearance over the phone? If so, please remember we will need more information.
  • If the house has a lot of furniture that has to be removed, we can recycle this through good causes. For sofas, however, it is important that the fire label is still attached as the UK safety laws mean the label needs to be in place to recycle the sofa for others’ use.

Here at Just Clear, we understand that house clearance can be difficult. If you are clearing a home after the death of a loved one, it’s particularly hard. We work in a sympathetic and friendly manner, and we know that a home and what is in it is much more than bricks, mortar and furniture. We’ll do our best to carry out the job as sensitively as we can.

Another useful service we offer is valuation of goods and chattels. Not everyone is an expert at identifying what is valuable and what is not, and if your relative wasn’t that well known to you, you might not be aware that their house harbours a treasure trove. We’re also able to look for the documents and valuables that make up an estate, speeding up the probate process.

Remember – contacting us doesn’t commit you to anything. If you’d like to find out more about our house clearance services, please use our contact form or call us today on 0345 319 8000.