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As a nation of consumers, we all discard old electronics for newer models. However, with new devices typically averaging two years from the date they launch until they reach technological obsoletion, and the latest phone models launching at least once a year, consumers are more inclined to move on from their current models.

Rather than recycling, or trading in old devices for new models, consumers often throw away their old devices; currently, only 20% of consumers recycle their e-waste.

Discarded devices end up in a landfill, driving manufacturing costs for future models. Fewer available resources mean companies have to buy limited quantities from recyclers or miners or seek alternative means of manufacture. As material scarcity worsens, utility metal markets are likely to increase in price volatility; the global e-waste market value could soar to £75 billion by 2027, rising from £31 billion in 2019.

Europe and the UK are leading the push to collect and recycle this waste, gathering 5.1 million tonnes of e-waste in 2019; the UK’s e-waste recycling rate hit 67% in 2018 and hit almost 90% in 2020.

Just Clear is fully licensed to carry, store and process e-waste and offer a complete audit trail for accountability. E-waste recyclers like Just Clear enable businesses to produce raw materials; consumers buy devices from these manufacturers and recycle the device once it has reached its end of life, and the cycle repeats.  Read more about the e-waste problem.

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