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6 Eco-friendly Ways To Reduce Waste At Home

We all have a responsibility to look after our planet. Even simple changes can make a significant impact. So while there is no need to feel guilty or pressurised, we encourage you to do what you can to reduce waste at home.

The following ways to reduce waste at home are easy to implement and will have a considerable impact on your environmental footprint.

1. Only buy the necessities

Limiting what you buy is a great way to reduce waste at home. When you purchase new items, you’re both contributing towards the demand for that thing, alongside its journey of production and the waste accompanying it. So saying no to items you don’t need will reduce your waste.

2. Use reusable shopping bags

Using reusable bags for your weekly shop is a simple yet efficient way to reduce your plastic waste. Place a couple of tote bags by your front door, or keep some in your car. If you don’t know where to buy reusable shopping bags, most grocery stores sell them at affordable prices.

3. Dispose of e-waste responsibly

We all discard old electronics for newer models. However, most consumers throw away their old devices rather than recycling them. Discarded electronics usually end up in a landfill, and often contain chemicals that can harm the environment.

To combat the e-waste problem, dispose of e-waste responsibly and choose recyclers like Just Clear, who are fully licensed to carry, store, and process e-waste.

4. Get rid of disposables in the kitchen

While tin foil, plastic wrap, and plastic zip bags may be convenient, they create a great deal of waste. Instead, try and use alternatives. For example, use silicone baking sheets instead of parchment paper, and swap out single-use wipes and paper towels for microfibre cloths you can wash and reuse. In addition, washable snack bags and reusable lunch containers will keep your food fresh and reduce the amount of waste you produce daily.

5. Reduce food waste

Making a few adjustments to your daily routine can help cut your household food waste down. For example, planning meals and shopping accordingly is an efficient way to reduce waste.

It is also a good idea to get creative and cook using leftover ingredients. Soups, for example, are a fantastic way to use up vegetables in your fridge.

6. Find a new home for old furniture

Instead of discarding old furniture, you could think about giving it a new home. Post an online ad to sell it, donate it to a local charity shop or spread the word amongst friends and family.

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