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Probate clearance can be a long and legal process, and with a spike in 2020, it’s evident that the preparation for this service is something that needs clarification and further understanding.

Probate clearance takes time, sensitivity and understanding, meaning it needs to be dealt with in a stress-free and professional way, for relatives and executors as well as probate solicitors and court of protection professionals.

This is exactly why we help you clear the home quickly and efficiently, assisting you in getting the property ready to put onto the market or begin moving into. As Government licensed waste carriers, we have extensive knowledge in house clearance, and our experienced specialists know exactly how to clear your property hassle and stress-free. On top of this, we care immensely about the environment, therefore, ensuring that we dispose of any additional items in an environmentally friendly way.

 What is Probate Clearance?

Probate clearance is an important part of finalising the deceased former estate. In most cases clearance companies will come to the property of the deceased itemise, value, sell and remove all unwanted items to enable to the next steps in selling or moving into the property to begin. It’s extremely important to get accurate validation for the items you’re wishing to dispose of so these items can be removed, sold, auctioned or dispersed amongst the beneficiaries.

The clearance usually begins after a valuation has been completed and any valuable items have been removed from the property. The clearance part usually happens quickly and efficiently so the property can go on the market or the individuals who have inherited the home can begin to move in.

COVID-19’s impact on Probate Clearance

For the vast majority of us, COVID-19 has, in some way, had an impact on our lives and sadly, due to the pandemic more and more people are having to learn the process of probate and how this procedure works. During 2020 probate clearance has been increasingly sort after and as cases continue to rise, it’s likely this is bound to continue.

According to research, in 2020 the average timescale for dealing with an estate has increased, leaving long delays between finalising documents, the clearance of the house and the eventual selling of the property. As probate clearance is one of the latter elements of the process, it takes time to get to this point, therefore it’s key to prepare yourself as much as possible so this part can be dealt with quickly.

The probate process can be a stressful experience, particularly when dealing with grief and the loss of a loved one, and under these new additional pressures due to the pandemic, the process can feel long and drawn out. This is why we provide a hassle-free probate clearance service, dealt with sensitivity and care to allow you to move on and begin the next steps as quickly as possible.

Our Top Tips to Prepare for Probate Clearance

  1. Make sure you separate your valuable items

 Once the valuation of any valuable items has taken place make sure these are boxed, labeled and ready to be taken to the agreed destination or moved onto the beneficiaries of the estate. This way they can be easily and efficiently transported. It’s also important to make sure that any other items you plan on keeping are also organised in this way, this allows you to make sure valuable items don’t get mixed in with waste that you plan on having disposed of.

  1. Make sure your important documents are organised.

Before any clearance begins, it’s important to make sure all important and legal documents have been organised and are labeled and placed in a safe place to prevent any mix-ups. You don’t want to risk these being mistaken as part of the waste being disposed of. Misplacing important documents can and will add more time and issues when moving on with the rest of the probate process.

  1. Estimate how much needs to be cleared

Once all valuable and important items have been moved away, you’ll be able to accurately assess how much waste you’ll need clearing. Now you understand the scale of the clean, you will be able to pick the right house clearance company, once they’ve been selected and the appropriate services have been acquired, you’ll be able to understand the timescale of the clean itself.

As time is important within these situations, and with additional strains on these processes to be taken into account during 2020, the more efficient you are, the more you are enabling yourself to organise yourself to begin the next steps of the process.

Probate clearance is a service that requires sensitivity and efficiency, and after a lengthy legal process, the last thing you want holding you back is an unwanted waste.

How we can help

At Just Clear, we provide nationwide fast and reliable service to help you move onto the next steps within the probate process as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for house clearance services, look no further than Just Clear. We operate nationwide across all locations, from rubbish clearance in Bristol, to rubbish removal in Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Telford, Swansea, Northampton and further afield we can help.

You can never guarantee the scale of the clean that may be left behind for you to resolve. We work hard to ensure a professional and hassle-free clean. With experience in ‘house clearance’ and ‘hoarding clearance’ you can contact us here.