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Everyone wants a tidy garden. However, maintaining a beautiful garden requires attention and extensive care, particularly when disposing of garden waste!

If you are planning a garden clearance, here is some helpful information to help you get rid of waste cheaply and efficiently:

Consider your garden’s size

Whilst this may seem obvious, a larger garden will require more work than a smaller outdoor space. So before rushing into a garden clearance, consider your garden’s size, and think about how much time the clearance will take.

Set a timeframe

Setting a timeframe for your garden clearance is one of the most critical steps. You need to ask yourself if you have enough time to execute the task properly. If the answer is yes, it is a good idea to be realistic about how much you can handle. 

It is normal to ask for help, particularly if you have a large garden; a reliable garden clearance service will get the job done a lot quicker than if you were to tackle it alone. 

Think about how you want the garden to look

Take time to set goals for how you want your garden to look. Garden clearouts are a great opportunity to think about how you want your garden to look. Figure out which plants you want to keep and what can go.

Giving yourself time to think about results before a garden clearance will help you be more productive throughout the process, ending with a more creative vision. 

When you have set your goals, all you need to do is act on them.

Get rid of waste

First, you need to decipher what kind of waste is in your garden. Understanding your debris will help you find the most efficient way to collect and dispose of it. 

Be careful not to mix the two types of waste: organic matter and regular rubbish. Organic matter such as branches, leaves, roots and soil, can be composted or repurposed, whilst regular rubbish needs to be separately recycled or discarded. You can gather hard materials like rocks in a waste bag, disposing of them using yard debris pick up service. 

Remove weeds

By removing weeds, you’ll both improve the growing conditions in your garden alongside aesthetically clear your outdoor area from unwanted plants. 

Depending on the size of your garden, you can easily pull weeds out using your hands and wearing gloves to protect them. However, if your garden is on the larger side, it is a good idea to buy proper weed maintenance tools and get help from a local garden clearance service.

Tackle overgrown hedges

It is also essential to trim the hedges in your garden. Overgrown hedges are unsightly and can easily take attention away from other garden features. 

Trimming is simple if you have the right cutting tools. With shears and hedge trimmers, you can easily shape overgrown hedges into a style of your liking. 


Lastly, you need to prune your shrubs and trees to enable them to reach their full potential. The process of cutting out damaged/diseased leaves and branches stimulates new growth, allows plants to recover and thrive and will make your shrubs and trees look aesthetic.

If the thought of getting in amongst the waste, overgrown bushes and rubbish is all too much, Just Clear can help with your garden clearance. 

The first step to completing your garden clearance is to give us a call on 0345 319 8000 today. We’ll provide a competitive quotation and ensure all work is carried out to the best of our ability.