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Everyone knows a legendary regifter — that person who recycles all their unwanted birthday and Christmas gifts. We might have laughed at them in the past, but nowadays, isn’t regifting the best way to cut down on stuff?

Christmas comes with a lot of extras, not least waste. There are the cards, the wrapping paper, the decorations, the excess food and the unwanted presents. No wonder companies like ours are so busy in January, when people decide they need a house clearance specialist to help them make room in their homes.

But if you want to avoid the clutter that comes with Christmas, why not take our tips on board?

Regifting – the Environmentally Friendly OptionBe a regifter

One person’s junk is another’s treasure. To do it tactfully though, keep a note of who you receive your unwanted present from so you don’t inadvertently pass it back to them or someone who knows them.

Give experiences, not gifts

Most of us have tonnes of stuff in our lives and would welcome an experience, particularly if it can be shared with someone you love. A meal out, wine tasting, a trip to a stately home for the day—all of these make thoughtful gifts.

Donate to a charity

Again, Christmas often feels excessive and a donation to a cause that is close to your family member or friend’s heart will be welcomed. And of course local charity shops will welcome your unwanted gifts come January.

Make a party of it

Now that we’ve established regifting is the environmentally-friendly option and acceptable, why not host a regifting party post Christmas? Invite people to bring along the gifts they don’t want or need and swap among yourselves. Anything left over—sometimes a mustard yellow, garishly-patterned jumper has universal repugnance—can go to the charity shop.

Regifting – the Environmentally Friendly OptionEnvironmentally-friendly Christmas

For cards, decorations and wrapping, simple measures can reduce your environmental impact considerably. E-cards can replace the paper versions. Instead of wrapping paper, use newspaper or magazines—the latter can provide amusement if you pick the article or picture carefully. And decorations are best when they are the old baubles, tinsel and reindeer set that has been in the family forever. We all love decorations with stories and traditions attached.

If you want help clearing up for Christmas or getting rid of your junk afterwards, we can help. Our house clearance services focus on disposing of your unwanted items by recycling or donating as much as possible so that we can work towards our zero to landfill policy. Call us on 0345 319 8000 to find out more.