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Want to make 2019 THE year you live clutter-free and in a Zen environment that feels calming as soon as you walk in?

Read on to get our tips for a cleaner living space in 2019:

One in, one out

For every new item, clothing, books etc., you buy in 2019, resolve to get rid of one thing so that you are never adding to the contents of your house.

Wash dishes as you go

If you can wash, dry and tidy away the dishes straight after a meal, you can settle down to an evening watching TV guilt-free. Dishes that are still warm are easier to clean too. Everyone in the household should take their turn.

Organise the Mail

Unopened mail can creep up on a person, leaving a messy pile in the kitchen, and usually on the dining table where it takes up too much room. This year, make a point to open all the mail as it arrives. Then, file away any bills or mail you need to keep and chuck the rest. If you feel you get too much junk mail, invest in a sign that says no junk mail to stick on your front door.

Set calendar reminders

Chores such as cleaning the fridge or oven often get put off, but if you set a reminder in an electronic diary or calendar, you can do them regularly. Again, if clean the fridge or oven regularly it is an easier job, and it maintains the proper working function of the appliance.

Upgrade your furnishings

If you buy yourself a new sofa or bed, you’re more likely to keep it clean and tidy. If you’re on a budget, why not check out charity or second-hand stores? Upgraded furniture can change the look of a room entirely and encourage you to keep the space clean. The same goes for wallpaper and paint. A fresh lick of paint can make a room look cleaner, lighter and boost your mood.

Clear out the attic or loft

We know what happens in most attics and lofts—they become the storage area for items people can’t bear to throw away, but never use. If it’s in the attic, chances are you haven’t looked at it or thought about it in years. Why not throw the whole lot, and we at Just Clear can help. Our man and a van service will turn up and take away everything you want to get rid of. We recycle as much as possible, so no need to worry about adding to landfill.

All the very best to you and yours in 2019, from all of us here at Just Clear.