Our Clearance Prices

We charge primarily by the volume we collect. All our prices include loading, sweep-up and related recycling costs. Call our sales team to discuss further or even arrange a site-visit free of charge.

Worried about location? Don’t worry! Just Clear operate nationally, so whether you’re looking for house clearance in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow or anywhere else, contact us.

We offer a wealth of services including hoarded house clearance, probate clearance, office clearance and more. Please give us a call on 0345 319 8000 or contact us through our service page.

For a more visual guide to what exactly we mean when we talk about cubic yardage, keep scrolling down…


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Cubic Yards Price (exc VAT) Weight Limit
1 £90 100kg
2 £130 200kg
5 £175 300kg
10 £280 500kg
15 £380 750kg
20 £560 1,000kg

Prices are estimates and other factors such as load, labour and weight will be considered when quotes are provided.
Please note, we take a deposit of 50% before carrying out any work. This will be deducted from your final bill.

2 Cubic Yards

Should be similar in size to about:

  • 4 washing machines,
  • 15 dustbin bags, or
  • 4 domestic wheelie bins

£130 + VAT

including 10 mins labour allowance

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5 Cubic Yards

Should be similar in size to about:

  • 1 medium skip
  • 10 washing machines
  • 25 dustbin bags, or
  • 10 domestic wheelie bins

£175 + VAT

including 15 mins labour allowance

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10 Cubic Yards

Should be similar in size to about:

  • 1 large skip
  • 20 washing machines
  • 50 dustbin bags, or
  • 20 domestic wheelie bins

£280 + VAT

including 30 mins labour allowance

15 Cubic Yards

Should be similar in size to about:

  • 2 builders skips
  • 30 washing machines
  • 75 dustbin bags, or
  • 30 domestic wheelie bins

£380 + VAT

including 45 mins labour allowance

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20 Cubic Yards

Should be similar in size to about:

  • 2 large skips
  • 40 washing machines
  • 100 dustbin bags, or
  • 40 domestic wheelie bins

£560 + VAT

including 1 hour labour allowance

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Our all-inclusive prices include:

  • Two experienced house clearance technicians
  • Uniformed and insured crew members
  • Professional clearance from anywhere on the property
  • Loading, lifting and sorting
  • Petrol and travel

To add to this service, the more we clear, the lower the volume price becomes, meaning more value in bulk! We think it’s fairer this way, but it can make it really hard to give an accurate quote over the phone. To solve this, we offer a free, no-obligations estimate in person. Also, for a rough estimate of property clearance prices, email us, or call one of our helpful agents today.

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Extras Price (exc VAT)
Extra labour (10 mins) £20
Mattress £30
TVs and computer monitors £12
Car battery £10
Fluorescent tube £2
Parking and parking fine As Incurred
Bio-Bag £35 per bag
Paint cans £15 per can
Commercial fridge/freezer £125
Tall fridge £40
Under-the-counter fridge £30
Gas canisters £10 per canister
Fire extinguishers £4 each
Pianos £160
Tyres £20 each
Sofas (POPs) £30 each
Arm Chairs (POPs) £25 each
Skip Bags (100kg max) £113 each

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment options do we accept?

Just Clear accepts credit or debit card, PayPal, or bank transfers.

Do our technicians and crew members accept tips?

Absolutely! They’d be chuffed to have their hard work appreciated.

Do the same prices apply for home, garden, garage, attic, basement and office clearances?

Sure! Our fair payment structure only charges for what we take away, so where we take it away from doesn’t matter too much.

My waste is in a difficult position, will your crew be able to get to it?

Our technicians have years of experience and have tackled the toughest of clearances. They come prepared with all the best equipment and can get to waste anywhere on the property