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Dead Animal Carcass Removal all over the UK

Dealing with a dead animal can be an extremely unpleasant situation but can also cause emotional distress and upset for the faint-hearted. On top of this, the unhygienic nature of dead animal removal may also lead to potential health hazards to you and others around you. Which is why, it’s best to seek the help of experience professionals when it comes to dead animal removal.  

In the past, we have removed everything from mice and rats, to cats and dogs, even foxes, badgers and small deer! 

According to the Environmental Protection Act 1990, controlled waste needs to be dealt with in the correct way in order to maintain cleanliness and upkeep a clean and healthy environment. You can see more about our biohazard clearance here. 

Our dead animal removal service will see our team safely and efficiently remove the remains from your property and dispose of them in the correct way. We will also make sure that nothing unexpected is left behind, ensuring a thorough clean up.  

How Dead Animal Removal Works

Unless it is in plain sight, you may not realise that you have a dead animal on the property until you begin to smell it. This means the initial stages of decomposition will have already set in, making an already unpleasant job more difficult.  

Safe and hygienic removal of animal remains from experienced professionals is the best way to ensure a hygienic and safe clean up. We use all the required safety equipment and uniform when dealing with dead animal removal.   

We serve all areas in the UK, from garden clearance in Birmingham to rubbish removal in CheltenhamEssex, Oxford, LondonAberdeen, Milton Keynes and further afield. 

We can help you remove animals like:

Small Mammals

  • rats
  • mice
  • cats
  • dogs
  • foxes
  • rabbits
  • squirrels
  • bats

Large Animals

  • cows
  • deer
  • donkeys
  • horses


  • pigeons
  • seagulls
  • sparrows
  • magpies

Does the removal of dead animals from UK private property fall under council responsibilities?

The short answer is NO. On public roads, you are legally obligated to report an animal you hit with your vehicle. However, when it comes to UK private property, the removal of dead animals is the property owners responsibility. 

When it comes to the removal of dead animals from your private property it is best to get in the experts. Just Clear operatives are specially trained to remove dead animals safely. 

What should you do if you find a dead fox in the garden?

There are a number of things you can do if you find a dead fox in your garden. You can put the dead fox in a black bag, then in your rubbish collection bin. However, dead foxes can carry all kinds of bacteria, especially if they are at an advanced stage of decomposition. The best way to dispose of a dead fox you find in your garden is to contact the experts. 

Just Clear fully trains its removal experts to cope with these kinds of situations. Our operatives will dispose of any dead animal in a safe and considerate way.

Can you put dead animals in the bin in the UK?

In some cases, you can. However, you need to be careful dead animal corpses can be dangerous. Some small animals can be put in a black bag then placed in your waste collection bin, if you are willing to have a decomposing animal in your bin. In general, you need to follow the Animal-by-products Regulations (ABPR). Legally you need to use a registered waste carrier, like Just Clear. You should not burn or bury any fallen stock, including farm animals and horses, or you could be facing a fine.

If you are unsure whether you should put dead animals in your bin, contact the experts. Just Clear can remove ANY dead animals on your UK private property. Get in touch today.

Why Choose Just Clear?

We handle each job with expertise, care, courtesy and understanding and with our expert biohazard team are available you’ll have the best professionals to advise and dispose of the waste on your behalf. We guarantee that disruption to your day is kept to a minimum and carcass disposal will be a hassle-free experience.  

The good news is Just Clear can help. As recognised licensed waste carrier by the government. We also go the extra mile for the environment with our zero to landfill mission, ensuring waste is disposed of ethically and with the environment in mind.  

Nothing is above our capability, and our trained professionals provide the best service available. Taking all reasonable hygiene precautions, we guarantee a fast, safe and clean removal.  

Did you know we also provide computer recyclinggarden waste removal, building waste removal and much more? View our full list of services to see how we can help. 

 For more information about our dead animal removal services available across the UK, don’t hesitate to get in quote from us. 

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