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About our Drug Paraphernalia Clearance

Just Clear are experts in clearing and cleaning-up drug dens. We offer an efficient and discreet service with safe drug paraphernalia clearance and biohazardous decontamination.

Drug dens are usually found in abandoned hotels and houses, industrial units and void properties. They are a highly toxic environment and can significantly decrease property value.

Drug paraphernalia clearance requires specialised training to deal with biohazardous materials. Drug users use a variety of homemade equipment for their addiction, so not all paraphernalia is immediately obvious.

Just Clear can clean up properties that have been contaminated by marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine paraphernalia.

What is a drug den clean-up?

A drug den clean-up refers to cleaning properties where drugs have been used. This may include removing hazardous materials such as drug paraphernalia and biohazards. 

Why enlist professional help?

Without the correct equipment, handling drugs and drug paraphernalia such as needles is extremely dangerous; it could expose you to infectious diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV. Therefore, if you are responsible for a property that has been used as a drug den, it is essential to enlist the help of professionals to clean, clear and disinfect the area for future use.


Why Choose Just Clear?

Just Clear can handle any job, so let us help you with all your Drug Paraphernalia Clearance needs. 

The team at Just Clear are here to protect the environment and the public from the dangers associated with drug use.  

They are experts in biohazardous waste removal and trained to clean up drug dens efficiently and discreetly.

To find out more about our services, get in contact with us today. Our services are available all over the UK from London, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol and many more.


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