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The damage that a fire can inflict on your home or business can be catastrophic and often leaves the building unusable and uninhabitable for long periods of time. The initial damage and shock caused by a fire can be upsetting enough before you even consider the secondary effects such as smoke damage, soot odour or even the risk of ongoing health problems.

Depending on how quickly the fire was brought under control by the fire brigade, the damage can range from mild smoke damage to complete destruction requiring the property to be demolished.

And it’s not just the fire that causes the damage. Even if the fire was quickly brought under control, the smoke damage can be extensive and spread far beyond where the actual fire took place. The water used to deal with the fire will also have caused a lot of damage. The fire brigade will most likely have dampened down surfaces to prevent the fire reigniting and the high pressure hoses they use mean that large volumes of water will have been used in a very short space of time.

After a fire, the emergency services will continue to be in control of the site until they are satisfied that the cause of the fire has been established and that the property is safe to enter. You should never EVER enter a building that has not been declared safe following a fire as there could be a significant risk to your well-being. Dangers include anything from an electric shock, falling debris or even a building collapse.

When you are back in control of the building, you should contact us at Just Clear a call so we can give you a free quote for the cleanup of your fire damaged property. We have years of expertise in the safe cleanup of fire damaged properties and we will quickly have your home or business ready to redecorate and inhabit again.

It is essential that fire damage is cleaned up immediately as not only does it cause financial loss, but failure to do so can lead to further deterioration of buildings and equipment.

We will remove all of the debris from the building and keep any salvageable items for you in a secure storage unit where they will be safely inspected by insurance assessors or tradesmen such as upholstery cleaners. We will keep an eye out for any personal items and put them to one side so you can decide if you want to keep them.

Once all of the debris has been removed, the smoke damage can be dealt with. This includes removing all soot deposits from walls, ceilings and surfaces, using non damaging techniques to make sure no further damage is done to the walls and surfaces. This process will also remove the odour from the surface.

If you’re just looking for rubbish removal in London, make sure you view our specific service page. We work across London in areas such as Putney and Kingston, but also further afield offering help with fire damage in towns and cities across the UK. From rubbish removal in Southampton and Fareham to house clearance in Manchester, and across Scotland and Northern Ireland, we can help.

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