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About our Heir Hunting Services

A genealogist is often requested when there is little, or no current beneficiaries to a deceased individual’s estate.

Our trained genealogists and professional heir hunters conduct extensive research, tracking and tracing relatives who may be owed inheritance, quickly and efficiently. Working alongside solicitors and other legal personal to successfully disperse an estate, we eliminate the hassle and time consuming nature of manaing unclaimed estates with our heir hunting services.

We aim to help our clients continue the probate process, taking time to guarantee a thorough portfolio of research and documentation to allow the next steps within the legal process to take place.

From start to finish, our heir hunting services are provided to you with clarity and professionalism. Losing a loved one can be an extremely difficult and stressful process, so you need a team of supportive professionals who will deal with your case sensitively. Some results of our research and relative tracing could be life-changing to those involved, so having the right team on your side is extremely important.

What is heir hunting?

Our genealogists use legal documentation, thorough research processes to trace ancestry and family history in order to find missing family connections, to learn about relatives and in some cases, track down those entitled to inheritance. This process is known as heir hunting.

Heir hunting can be a long, drawn out, process. In some cases, piecing together family trees and reviewing legal documents to locate long-lost family members can be like finding a needle in a haystack. As well as the research being challenging, it can also be a very emotionally draining process tracking down family members for will distribution or unclaimed estates.

That’s where Just Clear can help.

Why choose Just Clear?

  • From local, national, or international research, at Just Clear we are committed to find who needs to be found; no job is too large.
  • We offer an efficient and professional service to help you continue with the next steps of your probate documentation.
  • Get in contact today to speak with our trained genealogists and receive a free no-obligatory quote for your heir hunting needs.

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