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About our Probate Valuation Service

Probate Valuation is the legal process of valuing a deceased persons estate. Valuation of a person’s estate can be a long and upsetting process, particularly if there are an extensive number of items to value.

At Just Clear, our team of professionals work directly with solicitors, executors, administrators, or private clients to provide fast and efficient probate valuation.

We understand that probate is a difficult process that requires understanding and patience when working with those who are grieving. We want to help you get your property on the market as quickly as possible, whilst minimising hassle, which is why our trained professionals work collaboratively with legal teams to certify the value of the property and its contents.

We guarantee a quick and efficient, more importantly, accurate process, allowing you to begin the next stages within the probate process.

Why probate valuation is important

When dealing with the estate, it is important to ensure you obtain an accurate probate valuation to avoid an unexpectedly large inheritance tax bill.

Our qualified experts carefully put together your probate validation in line with HM Revenue and Customs guidelines, making sure it isn’t valued to high, and pay more tax, or valued too low and run the risk of being suspected of fraud.

This saves time, complications, and money in the long run, avoiding the possibility of making an already strenuous situation harder to deal with.

One of our accredited probate experts will visit your property to evaluate the value of the home and its contents. After this, a full report will be returned to you as soon as possible, allowing you to take the next steps in the process.

Why Choose Just Clear?

At Just Clear we understand the importance of getting this right, and our trained professionals are guaranteed to go that extra mile to ensure you are receiving a hassle-free and accurate service.

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