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About our Wood Disposal and Recycling

At Just Clear, we are committed to donating and recycling as much material as possible, which is exactly why we provide cost-effective and efficient wood waste recycling.  

It can be difficult to be rid of your wood waste, from pallets to old wardrobes and shelves, with restrictions and tip runs limited, we can help provide an eco-friendlier alternative to your waste removal needs.   

You can be rest assured that by putting your trust in us, you are taking those extra steps to live more sustainably. We believe in preserving natural resources with our environmentally conscious ‘zero to landfill’ policy, working hard to keep unnecessary products away from landfill 

No matter your wood clearance needs, we can help. 

Why Recycle Wood?

There are many ways wood can be salvaged and used again, such as reconstructed furnishings, pulp for paper, shavings for animal bedding.  

The more we upcycle and reuse unwanted wood, the more likely we are to reduce the need to cut down trees, which helps us become more eco-conscious. 

It is estimated that a huge 80% of wood materials thrown away are potential resourcethat can be reused, and with our ‘zero to landfill’ mission, we ensure that we find alternative use for your waste before considering landfill. 

We operate nationally too! Local teams can assist you with all our recycling needs. Whether you need house clearance in Milton Keynes or rubbish removal in Reading, garden clearance in Epsom, across Scotland or anywhere else, we can help.

Why Choose Just Clear?

Just Clear can handle any job, no matter how big or small, let us help you with all your wood removal and recycling needs. From garden waste disposal to office clearance, rubbish from moving home and building waste clearance, Just Clear can do the job quickly and efficiently.   

We’re proud of our brand and what we stand for. As a recognised licensed waste carrier by the government, we work hard to go the extra mile to be more environmentally conscious with our zero to landfill mission, ensuring all waste is disposed of ethically, continuing to keep the environment in mind in everything we doso you can trust us to responsibly dispose of your rubbish 

All you need to do is book us in and we’ll do the rest. For more, see our full list of services for additional details. Get in contact today for a free quote.  

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